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Bad Credit Mortgages

A lot of people have problems getting a mortgage or remortgage due to current or previous credit problems.

These may include:
  • late payments on loans and credit cards
  • bad debts
  • mortgage arrears (perhaps culminating in repossession)
  • defaults
  • decrees (similar to a CCJ in England & Wales)
  • previous sequestration (similar to personal bankruptcy in England & Wales)
  • trust deeds (the Scottish equivalent of an IVA in England & Wales).
All of these can lead to a poor credit history, which in turn can make it hard to find a mortgage or remortgage from a traditional high-street mortgage lender.

If credit problems are stopping you getting a mortgage, or if your existing lender is threatening you with repossession, don’t panic.

At Scotland Mortgages we’ll put you in touch with a mortgage broker who will do their best to help you whatever your situation.

Simply complete our mortgage enquiry form and we will arrange for a mortgage broker who specialises in finding bad credit mortgages and remortgages for people with credit problems to contact you right away for a confidential no-obligation discussion.

For more in-depth information on bad credit mortgages, please visit our sister site Clean Slate Mortgages.

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